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Collaborative Law and Mediation

Seattle and Port Townsend

When facing separation or divorce, choose an approach that will help you make a smooth transition and begin healing -- not one that deepens your divisions and worsens your pain. Choose a process that is consistent with your values. Maintain your dignity, increase your confidence, gain trust, nurture your children, find peace. Now is the time for a new beginning. Pick a process that puts you on a path to a bright future.

Mathewson Law & Mediation offers Collaborative Law and facilitative mediation services, as well as legal counsel in support of clients working on their own or with other mediators. These approaches start from the same premise: With compassionate and intelligent guidance, you can get through this difficult transition smoothly and without sacrificing your authority, your integrity, or your dreams.

In light of COVID-19 and the governor's stay-at-home order, I am working remotely. Arrangements can be made for meetings by telephone or video conference. Call or use the "contact" form to set up a time.
Gwen Mathewson

Preserving What's Important

Too often, the grief and stress of divorce are compounded by feelings of alienation and despair because the process is acrimonious and hurtful. It does not have to be that way. Mathewson Law & Mediation exists to help make separation and divorce less devastating -- to help clients avoid the agony of adversarial divorce, find their way to peaceful resolution, and preserve as much as possible of what they cherish.

With a brick-and-mortar office in Port Townsend, and with conference room space in Seattle at the Seattle Collaborative Law Center in Northgate, Mathewson Law & Mediation serves clients on both sides of Puget Sound. Recommended Reading

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    Divorce Consulting

    Divorce Consulting

    When all you need is someone to support you as you negotiate with your spouse, hiring a lawyer for hourly, as-needed advice and coaching may be just right. You should not have to pay for more than you need.

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    Collaborative Law

    Collaborative Law

    When you are committed to staying out of court, but your situation is complicated and overwhelming, choose Collaborative Law. The team approach provides ample structure, education, and creativity.

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    Divorce Mediation


    When you and your spouse want to work together but need a professional to manage and inform your conversations, divorce mediation may be your answer. A mediator can be your skilled guide through unfamiliar terrain.

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    Collaborative Practice